About Us

Technology Partners & Affiliates

We recognise quality partnerships are crucial to providing effective technology solutions to our clients. Myriad Services have aligned with outstanding industry partners specialising in cost-effective solutions designed to meet the needs of regional and remote businesses. Our partners include:

Our focus is delivering high-quality, cost-effective technology solutions, backed by streamlined support to regional operations across Australia thereby empowering them to become more efficient, capable, and productive.

Industry Memberships

As a part of our focus to supporting the regional business community, Myriad Services are proud members of the Resource Industry Network, Mackay Chamber of Commerce and Townsville Chamber of Commerce. Further demonstrating our commitment to regional Queensland, our Managing Director Graeme Lodge is also a Director of the Resource Industry Network.

Maintaining our memberships to these great organisations helps us continue understanding the requirements, challenges, and goals of regional operations, thereby enabling us to deliver solutions that best fit their businesses.

QITC Accreditation

Myriad Services holds the prestigious Queensland Information Technology Contracting (QITC) accreditation. This accreditation means we have agreed to use the QITC framework terms and conditions when working with Queensland Government Departments.View QITC Accreditation here.

QAssure number: 12299 | QITC number: Q-3394