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Managing Employee Devices

When unexpected I.T. problems occur, they can be costly to fit, which is why proactive end-user device monitoring and management is critical. It is certainly more cost-effective to prepare for a problem than to be in damage-control after the fact.

Myriad Services can install remote monitoring and management software agents onto any supported workstation or server. This will give your organisation:

24/7 Monitoring and automating ticket generation
Inventory of hardware and software
Remote support access, including the ability to silently deploy software and updates
Ability to run custom monitors and scripts specific to your environment needs
Ability to automate self-healing functions (e.g. restart services, clear disk space etc.)

Supporting Your Staff

Most organisations aren't equipped to take on high volumes of internal I.T. support services. In some cases, there might not be the capability for in-house I.T. support at all. Our Myriad Services ticketing and helpdesk systems support your employees via your own Managed Services Provider (MSP).

Tickets can be raised by any of your employees via email, phone or our ticketing agent. These are then issued to our Brisbane-based service desk team for triaging.
Our Myriad Services service desk team manages all issues - from submission to resolution - and engages approved on-site local resources as required.
All tickets are assigned a priority and actioned according to the chosen Service Level Agreement. These tickets are tracked and reported to your organisation monthly, allowing you to observe ticket trends and provide details for future strategic planning.
The Standard Service desk is operational from 8am to 5pm. We also offer an additional 7am to 7pm service with on-call staff are available for after-hours emergencies based on your service agreement.

Maintaining Server Performance

Monitoring and managing servers can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced I.T. professionals. Here at Myriad Services, we can take this task on for you, providing complete proactive server monitoring and management services, applying our end-user device management tool-set.
In addition to this, we are equipped to maintain the health of server environments by monitoring and actioning any issues related to critical systems, such as backups, anti-virus, patching and updates to ensure uptime, availability and health of your critical systems.

Get Your Help On-Site

Sometimes, online and over the phone support isn't enough, which is why we can provide a scheduled Myriad Services technologist on-site to perform routine maintenance for your systems. Depending on the needs of your business or organisation, we can provide once-off, regular and permanent technologists with flexible hours to suit your changing needs.

Infrastructure Management

Keeping your networking hardware safe and secure should be one of your top priorities to ensure your organisation doesn't miss a beat. At Myriad Services, our experienced service team can monitor and maintain your networking hardware, consider performance and security issues as they arise, and make changes to ensure the day to day operations of your business remains at the top of its game.

To keep your entire network safe, you need to consider the security of your wireless networks. Myriad Services is here to help monitor the availability and performance of your wireless network, lodging any faults or outages in our service desk so they can be actioned promptly to get your business back running as usual.

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