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Beyond 2000

When planning for your organisation's future and success, it is essential to consider how your information and communications technologies will be structured to meet your business’ requirements. Myriad Services assists businesses by understanding their current and future needs and create a technology road map that efficiently meets the desired outcomes.

We help key stakeholders with creating roadmaps consisting of projects, managed ongoing service engagements, technology solutions, and IT asset replacements, enabling businesses to efficiently plan future budgets.

Cloud Migrations

Like any type of migration, moving your data and systems to the cloud requires good preparation and planning to minimise disruptions and maximise the quality of experience for your staff.  

With our extensive experience in cloud solutions, Myriad Services works with businesses to understand their requirements, and provide guidance, and recommendations based on industry best practices to achieve a smooth transition and maximise productivity post-migration.

A few, but certainly not all, important considerations to make when migrating to cloud platforms include:

• How can your team members access the data or systems?
• Does the cloud platform meet your security and compliance requirements?
• How is your data protected from malicious attacks and data loss in the cloud?
• How do you obtain your data should circumstance change in future?

Myriad Services helps businesses make better decisions by providing easy to understand guidance.

Security & Business Continuity

In many cases business data is what makes them unique and therefore holds immense value.  This includes the history of clients, their products and solutions, and innovations to legal and regulatory requirements.  The loss of critical data can have an untold effect on the future of a business in terms of their brand and ultimately their financial position.

Our team works with our clients to implement industry best-practices Security and Business continuity solutions, with our aim to implement multiple layers of protection to secure business data and infrastructure from malicious actors seeking to access critical information and intellectual property.
It’s not only cyber events which pose a risk to business data. We live in regions where significant damaging weather events occur including cyclones and floods; there are many events out of your control which can contribute to loss of services.

In the unlikely event of a significant loss due to a breach or physical damage, we utilise our business continuity services including cloud infrastructure to keep your business running during a disaster.  This includes automated offsite backup replication (BaaS) and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solutions, and frequently testing backup data thereby ensuring they are functional and useable when you need them the most.

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