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Our focus is delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions and technologies, backed by streamlined support to empower businesses across regional Australia with tools that increase their capabilities, efficiencies, security, and productivity.

Our Solutions are designed with the philosophy of delivering the best results that meets the client’s requirements in the most efficient manner.  We utilise and combine technologies and services that empower businesses to continually meet the changing demands of their customers.

We use the right Technologies to streamline processes, enable flexible communications across wide ranging locations, and empower teams to spend more time focussing on achieving their goals.

Streamlined Support and technology guidance are key functions of how we assist clients with delivering value to their customers.  We aim to inspire and support our clients in their technology journey, to obtain the best outcomes.

About Us

Our focus is delivering high-quality, cost-effective technology solutions, backed by streamlined support to regional operations across Australia thereby empowering them to become more efficient, capable, and productive.

We’re putting the I.T in regional communities.

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Managed Solutions

The team at Myriad Services are highly skilled and experienced in delivering reliable and streamlined services and solutions including managed support services, security and infrastructure management, cloud technologies, and business continuity solutions.

The Power of Cloud

Productivity Boost

Office 365

Teams Voice

SharePoint Document Control

Email Signature Management

Managed Services

Myriad Services assists businesses by understanding their current and future needs and create a technology road map that efficiently meets the desired outcomes from cloud migrations, security and business support.

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Beyond 2000

When planning for your organisation's future and success, it is essential to consider how your information and communications technologies will be structured to meet your business’ requirements.

Cloud Migrations

With our extensive experience in cloud solutions, Myriad Services works with businesses to understand their requirements, and provide guidance, and recommendations based on industry best practices to achieve a smooth transition and maximise productivity post-migration.

Security & Business Continuity

Our team works with our clients to implement industry best-practices Security and Business continuity solutions, with our aim to implement multiple layers of protection to secure business data and infrastructure from malicious actors seeking to access critical information and intellectual property.

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“We have peace of mind knowing there is a large team of experts behind us, guaranteeing high levels of service and solutions that give our business a competitive edge. Myriad’s knowledge of working with companies with multiple locations, including remote sites, has allowed our business to overcome some real challenges and allowed collaborative team work from all corners of Australia. I would highly recommend them for any business, in any industry.”

- Brad Atkinson, 2MT Mining Services

Future Trends: Emerging Technologies in Rural IT Support

Thanks to the incorporation of new technologies, rural areas can now benefit from the same technology that is typically only available in cities. This blog explores the fascinating developments in rural IT support, spotlighting the technologies that are shaping the future of these regions.

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